Aisuu Side Chair.

Design: Ginger Zalaba.

This minimalist but at the same time spacious side chair is ­– in the style of Chicago New Bauhaus – designed in a one-of-a-kind aesthetic from high-quality materials. With its delicate, simple construction in tubular steel and leather, the cool, solo chair provides easygoing comfort.

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This new interpretation of the Bat Chair is an homage to the so-called Love Chair: with its wing-like backrest, the avantgarde 1951 design was ahead of its time. Our founder Walter Knoll liked it from the start, and had already launched an upholstered version of it by 1961. Designer Ginger Zalaba posed the question of how she could translate the piece of furniture into the present, and updated the design of her grandfather Otto Kolb.  

When Ginger Zalaba submitted the prototype inspired by her grandfather’s design to Walter Knoll, the team was impressed by the minimalist use of materials and the unusual supporting structure. Drawing on their many years of experience, the developers turned a few screws, to optimize the ergonomics, the incline of the chair and back, the thickness of the tubular frame and the leatherwork. The result: a bow to a master of the New Bauhaus, updated with creative boldness, refined with the finest craftsmanship.